What class is Rolex in watches?

What is the “class” of Rolex in the world of watchmaking? This is a very interesting topic for me. Rolex is a very legendary or magical brand in the watch industry, one that has become almost a household name in China.

And there has always been a very magical phenomenon about Rolex, often when you first come into contact with the brand you will feel that it is rustic, even if you do not say it in your mouth, your heart is also a little bit disgusted with it, but once you know enough about watches and enough about the brand, you will basically come back to the “true fragrance” above.

Before we talk about what grade Rolex really belongs to, we need to understand what kind of watchmaking brand it is and what magic it has that makes countless people go gaga for it.

As we all know, Rolex is a mass-produced brand, with a huge annual production volume (rumoured to be over a million), Best Place to Buy Fake Rolex Watches yet many of its popular models are out of stock all year round and retain their value exceptionally well.

Secondly, Rolex is a watershed in the industry, a watershed between high-end brands and low-end brands.

There is a phrase in the circle that describes Rolex: “It’s not as practical as a Rolex with a high grade, and a Rolex with a low grade is directly crushed”.

However, there is a huge amount of controversy in the industry about such a brand. Some people say that Rolex is just a superior tool watch, not even close to the top brands such as Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin, although it is very straightforward, but it is true.

This is why Rolex is not strictly speaking one of the top brands, and the movement alone is not polished.

We have talked before about why Rolex is not one of the “Big Three” in the watch industry. And is Rolex a luxury product or a commoner’s item? In fact, it has been explained that Rolex is not a top-class watch, but it is no coincidence that Rolex is able to have such a superb position today, as the brand is committed to precision and reliability and has achieved the ultimate in watchmaking attitude.

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